Companies are one of the features in Nikilis' Trucking Tycoon. If you are VIP, you are able to create a company, and invite others into it. You may have a custom decal (insert the ID) for your company, and it will appear on the company members' trucks. You are able to change ranks of your members (If you are the owner) by typing it in. However, this is glitched, and it only allows you to enter one letter. You can bypass this by copying and pasting. You may also pay your members (usually, companies pay every 1-5 minutes), however, it is not advised if you are poor to have a high rate, because you will go poor quickly.


  • Sometimes, a non-existent player named Value will join your company.
  • If a group leader leaves with players in the company, the players will be unable to join another company unless they rejoin the game.